XShifter is one of the most anticipated and reviewed cycling products in years.  XShifter was named the most innovative new cycling product of 2016.

“The revolution begins July 1st”





Convert your bike to wireless

Impuls-e is a full on game changer. It’s rewriting the rules on how you control your shifting, dropper post, and suspension lockout.

Convert your bike to an electronic system using your existing drivetrain components, dropper post, and suspension lockout on any bike with any gear combination:
  • Mountain bike
  • Road bike
  • Urban or cruiser
  • Special bikes - tandem, hand cycle, recumbent, trikes, etc.
  • Internal gear hub (IGH) bike
Convert your bike current gears to wireless with the help of Xshifter
Attach Xshifter’s E-link & pod and switch bike gears to wireless


  • 5 minute beginner-friendly installation
  • Universal - fits any existing derailleur, any frame, any bike
  • Bluetooth signal
  • Intuitive mobile app customization
  • Offers solutions for custom builds
  • Waterproof


A single remote that lets you control two components*,
options include:
  • Front and rear derailleurs
  • Derailleur and dropper post
  • Derailleur and suspension lockout
  • Dropper post and suspension lockout
*cable-actuated only The right two buttons of the Pod can be assigned to control one component, while the left two buttons can control a second component.


A motor and battery unit
  • E-Link controls a single component, and E-Link Pro controls two
  • Compatible with any type of bike, derailleur, cable actuated dropper post, or cable actuated suspension lockout
  • Can be secured anywhere on your frame
  • Can be repositioned at any time
  • Includes USB charging port
  • Long battery life
  • Extremely accurate: +/- 10 microns
Enhance your biking experience with Xshifter’s wireless gear shifting system